Mirand A2 SE – Our reference



The chassis above is subject to changes.

Mirand A2 is an CFA design which has an extremely high bandwidth, low distortion and good stability even with the absence of the output inductor normally used in most amplifiers.

The Mirand A2 is an rebirth of the Mirand A1 with several enhancements. It is the front row of CFA designs. The better the source is, the better this amp will perform. Close to “wire” performance, but there is no listen fatigue with this amp. No area is trying to hide or stand out.


The bandwidth of 1MHz is not necessary, but it helps to make the distortion in the audible range identical in the whole range. Most speaker designer cares a lot about aligned acoustical phase of the drive units used. If the amplifier was designed with an bandwidth of 50 – 100Khz it would have a phase shift of 10 – 15 degrees. By extending the bandwidth to 1MHz we will have a phase shift of only 1 – 2 degrees in the audible range.

Absence of output inductor

The output inductor is not a part of our design. If it is a stereo design which is the case in this amp, there will be a inductive coupling between the two channels if not separated by a shield. This will if not constructed properly destroy the stereo imaging. For this reason we have chosen to design the amplifier, so that it is not needed.

Support circuits

The front-end of the CFA amplifiers has two shunt voltage regulators. We use jfet’s if it is possible to enhance the current generators and mirrors. The input diamond buffer consist of no less than 74 components, where 20 of them are the diamond buffer itself. All the 54 extra parts are present to make the working conditions of the diamond buffer as good as possible.

VAS stage

Many symmetric design has a flaw in the VAS stage that the idle current can vary as much as 20%. The VAS stage in the Mirand Amplifier has an variation from cold to warm state of less than 2%.


Key specification of the amplifier is.

  • Bandwidth: DC – 1MHz
  • 2x150Watt into 8R, 2x300Watt into 4R
  • Standby: 0.5Watt
  • Idle: 60Watt
  • Max. power consumption: 800Watt.
  • Features: 12V trigger
  • WxHxD: 440 x 150 x 425mm
  • Weight: 18Kg.

Warranty period is 3 years.

Price : € 6400

Go to our shop to purchase it or email to “mail(at)mirand-audio.dk”


Model number: Mirand A2 SE