About us

For many years i have constructed audio amplifiers as an hobby. The first designs was build to make an amplifier better than what i could afford. This obsession made my designs go from simple to more and more complex. The circuits itself did more complicated but was really showed as an reward was the support circuits. The support circuits like shunt voltage regulators and current generators/mirrors did help raise the bar.

After several years enjoying my own work it was time to release it to the public.

We already has a electronic engineering company. It helps us make durable electronics, as we already have electronic equipment installed in waferfabs for almost 10 years now.

The goal is to make audio designs that is “no compromise”. We don’t want to use the second best solution Regardless if it is the analogue section or the digital section.

If we have to shrink to get the performance we want. Then it is what we do!


Best regards

Sonny Andersen

Mirand Audio – Part of SITO ApS