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Capbank 60000uF/63VDC


Our Capbank uses 4 high quality BHC Aerovox ALC10C153EF063 capacitors with low ESL/ESR values of only 44mOhm per capacitor.

The capacitor has a shelf life of 18000Hours @ 85 degrees celcius making them perfect for class A or Semi class A amps. The bridge rectifier consist of 4 FFP30S60S diodes with Irms of 30A. The FFP30S60S is a STEALTH™ II diode with soft recovery characteristics for low switching noise.

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Product Description

  • Size: 161 x 90 x 60 mm
  • Copper thickness: 70 um
  • 60000 uF, 18000 hours @ 85 degrees Celsius
  • 30 A bridge rectifier
  • Rectifier with soft recovery characteristic for minimum switching noise

Additional Information

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