TSSA V1.8 CFA amplifier 50Watt@8R


TSSA V1.7 concept diagram

The obvious choice for DIY people wanting the best performance. This amplifier has a very short signal path with only 2 stages where it is normal to have 3 stages. VAS stage which normally is is second stage is driving your speakers directly. Bandwidth is very high exceeding 1.3MHz without output inductor normally associated with most solidstate amplifiers.

In the block diagram above, you can see the buildup where you have the buffer associated with current feedback designs. This buffer has 1x gain. The current flowing in the feedback resistors (1K and 49.9R) is taken out of the buffer to control the current generators in top and bottom. They have an current gain of 30.000 x buffercurrent.

So the output of the amp is current controlled rather than voltage controlled drive.


THD 1KHz 1W 8R load

THD 1KHz 1W 8R load

FFT spectrum shown above displays the performance of the amp. The harmonics declines in the right order. Even at higher power levels it is still the case.

This perfomance is the result of the perfect blend of BJT, JFET’s and lateral mosfet. Typical drift of offset is below 1mV and this is without the use of servos.

Do you want high acoustic performance with sweet mids and highs yet very detailed then this amp will satisfy you. It is obvious choice for Speakers like Raihdo C1.1, Horns, Speakers with AMT drivers.

It Will extract the best from your source, and will work well with passive as well as active preamps.


The listening impression below is taken from Salas, Vgeorge, Migo, Dominic,  and Buzzforb to name a few on the DIYAudio forum.

“Listened to the amp some this morning. It has a very articulate and crisp sound to it. nice airy cymbals and good snap with the drums. I think you can tell it is a very fast, high bandwidth amp.”

“Wow! It gave such a resolution uplift in complete tone smoothness, musicality, and dynamic poise, a gift to our Riaa preamps careful comparison intentions. Much auditioning followed to grasp the new level of subjective parameters till late in the night.”

“Also Sonny’ s TSSA is an excellent amp, too good to be true. If your speakers are suitable, you would be fool not to go for it, even if you prefer tubes.”

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Technical Specification:

  • PowerLevel: 50W into 8R using +/-35V supply voltage
  • Frequence response: 2Hz – 1.3MHz
  • Supplyvoltage: +/-20VDC to +/-35VDC
  • Idlecurrent: 0.1 – 2A adjustable
  • DC offset: +/-2mV
  • Current capability: 11A.

TSSA V1.7 Manual

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