AK4490 USB Dac v1.0 with dsd support – Without shield


With our new USB only AK4490 based DAC, we wanted to give the DIY Audio world the possibility to build their own high resolution DAC. As it is a very demanding challenge to combined both analog and digital in a single efficient design and layout, we decided to offer a DIY/OEM DAC solution that was fully optimized with the use of a Mainboard and a Shield that can be mounted on top of that Mainboard. The Shield makes it possible for the DIY community to try different audio output combinations. Whether they require unbalanced or balanced output or both, discrete or not discrete, the options are just endless. The Shield header also makes it possible for someone to be creative and add in their own output Shield solution to the design. Please see our available Shield options. As if it was not already compelling enough, we will soon be offering even more options to expand the product with a complete preamp section and a front panel to control the DAC and preamp features. This mainboard needs and output shield to work. Your own design or one of the shields we provide.

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  • AK4490 USB Dac v1.0
  • USB AUC 2
  • PCM up to 384KHz/32Bit
  • DSD/DOP 64,128 and 256 (Native DSD) 
  • AKM AK4490 DAC in stereo configuration
  • Output stage mounted on a “shield”
  • 9 high performance voltage regulators
  • AK4490 VREF bypassed with 1500uF Polymer capacitors
  • 10 pole ribbon cable connector for frontpanel (Planned upgrade)
  • 10 pole ribbon cable connector for preamp section (Planned upgrade)
  • Power is through an Molex KK grid 2.54mm connector. We provide an cable harness with the kit.
  • Board size is 70x110mm, 4 layer PCB
  • Windows driver is provided with the kit.
  • Works on MAC OS/X, Linux, Volumio

MIRAND USB DAC V10 document release 010615

USB DAC output stage shield single ended V1.0

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 cm

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